Today we have all heard of Dan Bilzerian or at least have seen him on the social media – American guy with a lavish lifestyle, a lot of money and a lot of extraordinary hobbies. Dan Bilzerian may not be the idol of many, but he certainly is the role model for the huge number of followers that he has on his Instagram profile – and Dan’s popularity keeps on growing on daily basis.

So how does an ordinary American boy with a career as a poker player end up in being one of the richest men in America? – a question which all of the multi- millionaire’s followers would like to know. And a question which is often discussed by all of the social media.

One thing is certain – playing poker really does pay off for Dan Bilzerian. However, he wasn’t so successful in his career. In the beginning, there were also ups and downs and he had to lose a lot of money in order to learn the game and start gaining some. On the other hand, it’s true that the American multi-millionaire grew up in a rich family. His father was a very successful businessman – something that Dan Bilzerian didn’t learn.

When Dan Bilzerian’s father got arrested for tax fraud, the young guy decided to take the control in his hands;  he took a lot of money from the family’s bank account and paid his father’s bail. However, that wasn’t the moment when Bilzerian decided to become a Poker Pro. He started playing poker during college and after that, he became a regular member of the poker community.

Although more losing than winning in the beginning, this American multi-millionaire didn’t quit and earned his money in Las Vegas. This career brought him not only a lot of money, but popularity and freedom to do whatever he wants.

So, today Dan Bilzerian is one of the richest people in America with a lot of sports cars, huge houses and a large bank account. Moreover, thanks to his rising popularity we all know him today as the Instagram King.

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